SCAD senior thesis film.


Death of Childhood

SCAD documentary project.


Corpse Reviver

An ignorant bartender discovers his father has been turned into a zombie and has to mix an impossible cocktail for him...or else.


A Snail Can Take Down a Starfish

On the last day of summer break in 1999, an outcast boy attempts to help a girl overcome her fear of swimming.



Martha, a single mother and working nurse, struggles with her son leaving for college. When a mysterious woman invites Martha to a dinner party of other “empty nest” mothers, she soon realizes the gathering is not as innocent as it seems.



After the recent death of his grandmother, a young boy brings his grandfather to his usual hideout. In an attempt to cheer him up, the boy presents his grandfather with an opportunity to revisit a sweet memory of his late wife. The grandfather obliges the boy and travels back to his childhood at the very same hideout.

McKinley Benson is a Student EMMY Award® winning filmmaker that aims to create compelling and original works of cinema. After moving from Los Angeles, he began his pursuit of higher education at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. Over the past few years, he has written and directed more than a dozen short films, three documentaries, and a TV pilot. McKinley will graduate in May 2020 with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film & Television.